Accountant ACT

"In October 2006 a complete review of my personal insurance was conducted by Gray Saunders of Capital Wealth. I was very impressed with their thorough comprehensive approach to the review and their subsequent recommendations.

Most people think they will never claim on their insurance policy, however two years after implementing the recommendations I suffered a serious illness that prevented me from working fulltime for seven months. Gradually I returned to work for two hours each day for some months until finally returning full time ten months after the initial onset of the illness.

During this time I claimed on the Income Protection policy, both Capital Wealth and the insurance company involved dealt with my claim in a most timely and compassionate manner. I received my full benefit whilst totally disabled and received a partial benefit as I gradually returned to full-time work.

The insurance cover made an already stressful situation much easier to manage and I have no doubt without this cover my illness would have impacted very seriously on both my business and personal life."